Licensing and Administration

Organisation and Procedures

Here you will find the CEO’s three-year focus, the Organisation and Procedures Manual (OPM),  Constitution,  and the forms index. You will need adobe acrobat to view these.

CEO 3 Year Focus

CEO Nick Taber’s Statement and Three Year Focus on Safety, The Community, Retention and Recruitment – AGM 26 Sept 2020. 


Members Constitution Rules.  Amended by resolution September 2017.

Pilot Wellbeing
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Organisation and Procedures Manual (OPM)

Pilot Flying Rules – OPM Organisation and Procedures Manual

NZHGPA OPM Ver 2.3 1 July 2022

List of Operating Procedure Manual Forms (OPMF)

Pilot Rating Codes

Paraglider Ratings

PG1 Paraglider 1 ( student)
PG2 Paraglider 2 ( pilot)
PG3 Paraglider 3 ( advanced)
SWP Speed Wing Pilot
SWC Speed Wing Coach
AIP Paraglider Assistant Instructor
ISP Paraglider Instructor
PGT Paraglider Tandem
PGTC Paraglider Tandem Commercial
PTP Paraglider Tow Pilot
PTOI Paraglider Tow Operator Pay In
PTOO Paraglider Tow Operator Pay Out
PTI Paraglider Tow Instructor
PGTCE Paraglider – Tandem Commercial Flight Examiner

Hang Glider Ratings

BEG Hang Glider Beginner
NOV Hang Glider Novice
INT Hang Glider Intermediate
ADV Hang Glider Advanced
AIH Hang Glider Assistant Instructor
ISH Hang Glider Instructor
HGT Hang Glider Recreational Tandem
HGTC Hang Glider Commercial Tandem
TOW Hang Glider Winch Tow
ATOW Hang Glider Aero Tow
HGTCE Hang Glider – Tandem Commercial Flight Examiner

Powered Glider Ratings

PP Powered Paraglider
PPI Powered Paraglider Instructor
PPT Powered Paraglider Tandem (recreational tandem flights)
PHG Hang Glider Powered Harness
PHGI Hang Glider Powered Harness Instructor



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Hang Gliding

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