Paragliding Competitions and Records

The NZHGPA runs both Hang Gliding and Paragliding Competitions.

These both takes several forms… there are regional competitions, national competitions, fun competitions and even online competitions.

FAI Sporting Licences.  A sporting licence from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale / World Air Sports Federation (FAI) is required if you enter FAI-sanctioned competitions in NZ or overseas.  (For example the NZ PG Nationals/PG Open).  The licence can be purchased at a discount rate with your NZHGPA membership renewal in October.  Flying NZ provides National Airsports Control (NAC) on behalf of the FAI for all affiliated aviation sports in NZ.  If you have missed getting a licence with your NZHGPA membership renewal and need one at any other time of year, please go direct to the Flying NZ web page for FAI sporting licence applications, here: FAI Sporting Licence Application Form at Flying NZ.

Please do not contact the NZHGPA for FAI Sporting Licences outside the renewal period in October, we cannot help you. We do not directly issue FAI Sporting Licences.

Paragliding Competition Committee

Timothy Brown

Timothy Brown

Competition Committee Chair

Hugo Castanheira

Hugo Castanheira

Competition Committee Member

(vacant position)

(vacant position)

Competition Committee Member

Paragliding Competitions and Results

Competition Events

If you want to find out more about upcoming regional and overseas events, ensure you keep up to date with our News and Events notices here on the NZHGPA website.  You can also view upcoming events on Airtribune  which lists paragliding and hang gliding events all around the world.  Airtribune allows you to share flights with other pilots and it also offers international hang gliding and paragliding news.

Competition Results

To view tasks and results from recent and current competitions, visit the AirScore scoring platform:

Paragliding National Rankings

The New Zealand Pilot Ranking System (NZPRS) is the ranking system for New Zealand Cross Country Competition Paragliding Pilots. The NZPRS formula is based on the World Pilot Ranking System (WPRS) used by CIVL. It is administered by the Paragliding Competition Committee (PCC) of the New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Competition results and pilot rankings are recorded for New Zealand competitions.  The main aim of the NZPRS is to rank New Zealand pilots in a fair manner, so the rankings will show the strength of each individual pilot, based on the competitions in which they have participated. You can view up to date pilot rankings here.  

Paragliding Competition Documents and Files

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Included on the page is a copy of the the NZ Paragliding Competition Rules.

Cross-Country Paragliding

New Zealand Paragliding Cross-Country Championships

XContest is the official platform for the NZ Paragliding Cross-Country Championships.  The Cross-Country Championships is a yearly event, running from 1st April to 31st March, where pilots are scored on their best inland cross-country flights (at least 2/3 of the course inland) which they upload to the XContest server.  You must register to participate in the XContest New Zealand national competition.  Visit the XContest New Zealand page to register and find out more about this cross-country paragliding competition.

Paragliding Cross-Country Championships Archives

2022/2023 Championships, Final Standings and Report
The season of most 100 km FAI triangles ever!  >> Read More

2021/2022 Championships, Final Standings and Report
During January it got quite epic…  >> Read More

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New Zealand Paragliding Records

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