Membership Renewal

If you are a current member of the NZHGPA, you need to renew your membership by the end of November 2023.

Why Join the NZHGPA?

As in many countries our members do not often own the sites we fly from. We rely on the goodwill of government bodies, local authorities and private land owners to maintain access agreements that in many cases can be quickly lost through careless or illegal use of the sites.

In New Zealand hang gliding and paragliding are regulated by the government through the NZ Civil Aviation Authority.

The NZHGPA provides all members and our officials with liability insurance of $5 million. This insurance not only protects you as a pilot but is required by many land owners for access to flying sites on their land. For more information on the insurance policy go to OPM and Forms and click “insurance”

The NZHGPA is the only organisation recognised by the NZ Civil Aviation Authority to control recreational hang gliding and paragliding. You must be a member of the NZHGPA to fly a hang glider or paraglider legally in New Zealand.

A copy of the quarterly magazine Airborn is included with full membership.

Membership fees contribute to the cost of our administration and executive council, helping to ensure compliance with the law and our continued access to airspace and land so we can all enjoy the freedom of flight.

If you want to talk to someone about membership please make contact with Local Clubs, Paragliding Schools or Hang Gliding Schools today.

Full Membership

Visitor Pilot Membership – 4 months


Student Pilot Membership


Youth Membership


Associate Member (non-flying)


Airborn Magazine Subscription (NZ)


Airborn Magazine Subscription (Overseas)




Local Club fees are additional to full membership

How to Join

Learning to fly?

Select student membership and complete the details. Make sure you enter your email address correctly and complete the payment online to activate your membership. If you are sure you will complete your licence you can take full membership from the start, or upgrade later.

Visiting Pilot?

First read the information on our visiting pilot info page. Then click the JOIN US link and select visiting pilot membership. This membership lasts 4 months from approval and cannot be renewed again in under 12 months. If you want to fly in New Zealand for more than 4 months in one year chose Full Membership.

To become a member of the NZHGPA:

Select the membership level and fill out the online membership application form below.

If you are not sure what membership level to chose or if you have difficulty completing the form please email the NZHGPA administrator at [email protected] for assistance.
For other advice contact a local club, paragliding or hang gliding school.
NZHGPA strives to meet it’s moral and legal obligations regarding privacy and personal information.

  • NZHGPA will not collect personal information for which there is no bonafide need to be held.
  • Such information will not be held if it is no longer needed.
    Any person can request to view and correct the information NZHGPA holds about them.
  • Information will not be given out without the consent of the person, unless it is being given out for the purpose it was being collected

For questions regarding the information NZHGPA holds and publishes, please contact [email protected]