Hang Glider Forms

Here you will find the Operations and Procedures Manual (OPM), Operational Forms (OPMF covering Certificates, Ratings, Technical Manuals, administrative), Advisory Circulars, Constitution,  and Insurance Policies.

Aviation Radio Operator (ARO rating)

How to get the NZHGPA ARO rating to operate airband radio for HG and PG flying in New Zealand.

How to get the NZHGPA ARO rating to operate airband radio for HG and PG flying in New Zealand.

1.  Download and read TM01 – ARO Aviation Radio Operator Manual and Study Guide

2. Once you’re ready to do the theory test  Online ARO Test. (Password: nzhgpa)

3. Once completed the test successfully, keep a copy of the certificate.

4. Contact one of the practical examiners listed here

5. Take your theory certificate and OPMF35 – ARO Aviation Radio Operator to the examiner when you do the practical test.

6. Send the signed form  AND the ARO certificate (preferably a scan emailed) to the administrator who will add ARO to your online ratings.

NOTE: To become an ARO examiner, applicants must email a copy of their CAA Flight Radiotelephone Operator to Admin.

Instructor Ratings

NZHGPA Instructor Handbook

This handbook is designed to help instructors have a better understanding of the NZHGPA framework, as well as Government Acts that they may operate under.

TM10 – Flight Instructing Guide

This is a resource containing teaching techniques specific to the aviation environment.  This has been adpated to suit HG and PG from the CAA instructors guide.

Instructor Code of Conduct

OPMF15 – HG Assistant Instructor Certificate

OPMF16 – HG Instructor Certificate 

OPMF76 – Tow Instructor Certificate

OPMF61 – Powered HG Instructor Certificate

OPMF04 – Seminar Attendance Form


Reserve Packing
The NZHGPA currently does not have a rating for reserve packers. Commercial part 115 tandem reserves must only be packed by an approved person by CAA.
This manual is a guide to help pilots better understand reserve systems and improve the quality of how they are packed. Be familiar with your equipment and if you are getting it packed by someone else make sure it is someone you trust.

TM51 Reserve Packing Manual