Code of Conduct & Complaints

NZHGPA Code of Conduct

Code of Ethical Conduct

This code has been developed to guide behaviours that align with ethical principles of the NZHGPA.

Why do we have a Code of Ethical Conduct?

The NZHGPA believes that everyone involved in our sport is here because of a shared passion for flying and care for the people involved.

To protect our access to sites and airspace, ensure our continued ability to fly, develop safe and enjoyable flying practices within the community, and maintain harmonious relationships with each other, it is important that the NZHGPA has a culture of responsible and trustworthy behaviour.

Our actions impact the way people view and deal with us as pilots – how we behave is how our sport is seen. This affects the level of trust our members, potential members, regulators, and communities have in us, and the relationships they are prepared to form with us.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct is designed to facilitate behaviour and decisions aligned to the Objectives outlined in our Constitution, and to promote high ethical standards, so that we protect our reputation and the reputation of our sport.

Complaints Procedure


Everyone involved in play, active recreation and sport joins with good intentions, and we are all expected to do our best to treat each other with respect and comply with our policies and rules.

Despite this, problems sometimes arise.

The NZHGPA believes that everyone involved in the activity/sport is here because of a shared passion for flying and care for the people involved.

When people involved in sport get into disagreements it can become a serious issue.

The NZHGPA is committed to supporting everyone, including members, landowners and other supporters, to participate in an environment that is respectful, safe, and fair.

Disciplinary Procedure and Appeals

NZHGPA Disciplinary Procedure and Appeals Policy Values

NZHGPA acknowledges it is important to everyone involved to respond quickly, fairly and thoughtfully to address issues. People are entitled to raise concerns or complaints and to have those addressed promptly and fairly. No one should be punished or victimised for raising a concern or a complaint in good faith.

Allegations are not proven unless there has been a fair, even handed process for finding out the facts of what happened.

Natural Justice is the core principle underlying this Disciplinary Procedure and Appeals Policy. It is centred on the standards of equity, dignity, respect and maximising the potential of all pilots. The following principles should be kept in mind when applying it:

  • Respect for the people involved, including appropriate processes being enabled to resolve complaints and restore relationships.
  • Addressing problems informally and face to face, wherever possible.
  • Treating others fairly, equally and in a way that keeps their mana intact.
  • Maintaining relationships and keeping each other safe.