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Southern Fun 2023
24 December 2023
Alright, listen up, you adventure junkies and chill gliders! Need the lowdown on the Southern Fun Event? This link is your sky bible. Read it, absorb it, live it. And don’t miss the mandatory online briefing on the 26th – it’s your passport to epic adventures.
First things first: newbies and veterans welcome! This ain’t your grandpa’s stuffy competition – it’s a laid-back fest of epic flights, killer views, and zero pressure. Wanna launch yourself off a mountain whenever? Do it. Wanna social glide with newfound sky fam? We got you.
Worried about the weather? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got weather intel dropping twice a day like your personal wind whisperer. We’ll point you to the sunshine, hook you up with sweet airtime, and make sure you’re soaring with your new best buds.  Speaking of sweet deals, Coronet Peak’s got your back (and your board) with gondola rides for just $20. Need a crash pad? Bunk up at the Otago Ski Club or camp at the Flight Park for $10.
Don’t let the forecast freak you out. We’ve been crushing clouds all week, and those weather models? Currently about as reliable as a hamster on a treadmill.
Mark your calendars, sky nomads! December 27th is launch day, and we’ll be throwing social events during the week as the weather unfolds. Hang loose at HQ at 2 Sapphire Rise Wanaka for post-flight fuel and good vibes all week long.