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Call for Executive members
10 September 2023

From Ian Manton, NZHGPA president

As we approach the upcoming AGM, I’d like to discuss a critical matter with you all: the need for dedicated individuals to step forward and join the Executive Team.

Over the past year, our freedom to fly has faced increased regulations and interference, posing a significant threat to our ability to enjoy our sport in our own backyard. As we embark on a new phase of governance and embrace a new strategic direction in our 50th year, it’s crucial that we have the right people guiding our association.

The NZHGPA is an organization with an annual income of approximately $300k, fueled by the contributions of its 1550 financial members. We hold a license from the CAA to oversee foot-launched flying in NZ. None of this success occurs by chance; it requires skilled individuals with a passion for our sport. While our Operations team handles a substantial workload, the Executive Council is the body that represents our members and provides governance for the association.

Remember, the NZHGPA is a member-driven organization, and the responsibility for its progress lies with all of us, the pilots.

The Executive Council comprises a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 full members. Currently, we have 7 members on the exec council, with three of them stepping down.

This creates a gap within the organization, and we need enthusiastic individuals, from various backgrounds to step up. We are looking for people who are passionate about flying, capable of working as a team, engaging in constructive debates, and open to different perspectives. The Executive Council’s foremost duty is to protect the organization’s best interests through the decisions it makes on behalf of the members.

If you possess the skills or interest required for this governance role, please reach out to me.

Let’s ensure the NZHGPA continues to thrive with your involvement.