Safety Notice

Ozone BV 1 harness parachute handle
28 June 2023

BV1 Important Notice


Concerning the Ozone BV1 harnesses produced before November 2022.

The parachute handle extraction of the BV1 is certified and effective. However we have found that in certain circumstances that it is possible for the extraction force to be excessive. The process can be improved by 1, modifying the plastic pins; 2, NOT routing the pins through the red loops and 3, NOT securing the handle under the lower pin.

Action required: It is recommended for BV1 owners to modify their rescue handle pins, to close the reserve container without using the red loops and to not secure the handle under the final bottom pin.

1. Remove the handle from the harness so the pins are extracted from the loops. Bend the horizontal pins to downwards by approximately 30 degrees. No tools are required, the modification is easily made by hand using gentle pressure.

2. When closing the container, bypass the three red loops. The redundent red loops should be removed using sharp scissors to avoid future confusion.

3. Do not route the handle under the lower pin.

To ensure the smooth functioning of the system, it is vital that you perform a practice extraction.

If your harness does not have the red loops (produced after November 2022), then no action is required.

For any questions, please contact your local OZONE Dealer or us directly.