Safety Notice

Papillon Raqoon EN-A paraglider
9 May 2023
Date 29.04.2023
Subject Raqoon 55 EAPR-GS-0665/17 (XS) Raqoon 60 EAPR-GS-0666/17 (S) Raqoon 80 EAPR-GS-0667/17 (SM) Raqoon 85 EAPR-GS-0668/17 (M) Raqoon 100 EAPR-GS-0669/17 (L) Raqoon 120 EAPR-GS-0670/17 (XL)
A Papillon Raqoon was found to have far below average porosity (air permeability) values. While the affected unit showed independent termination of all stall maneuvers during test flights, an increased stall tendency was noted. Research has shown that a quality variation leading to weak air permeability values cannot be ruled out for the orange and yellow colors of the Domenico Dokdo cloth used. The following designs of Raqoon are affected:

Colour 3 (leading edge center orange)
Colour 5 (leading edge center yellow)

The manufacturer issues the following safety measure
s: Papillon Raqoon in the designs Colour 3 and Colour 5 must be subjected to a quality control in the form of a porosity measurement before the next flight. The porosity measurements are carried out free of charge by

Flugschule Papillon Wasserkuppe/Rhön
Flugschule Papillon Elpe/Hochsauerland
APC Flugschule Stubaital/Tirol

The safety measure comes into effect immediately.

Wasserkuppe 46
36129 Gersfeld
Fon: +49 (0)6654 – 75 48
Fax: +49 (0)6654 – 82 96
[email protected]

This safety notice was copied from DHV