Safety Notice

Ozone Ozium 1
23 February 2023

Ozium Harness: Safety Notice

This Safety Notice affects All Original Ozium Harnesses (not the new Ozium 2)

We have had reported a case of failure during a simulated tyrolean deployment. The pins on the reserve deployment handles of all original Ozium harnesses may have been damaged during production. The damage, if present, may result in the pin breaking during deployment causing the reserve compartment to remain closed even if the handle is released. As the breakage is in an area hidden from view we are replacing all reserve handles as a precautionary measure.

Action required: Mandatory Replacement of Reserve Handle

The reserve deployment handles on all Original Ozium harnesses should be replaced before next use. Please contact the dealer who sold you your Ozium harness to request a replacement handle. Replacement (GOOD) handles are clearly marked with blue bartacks. If your reserve handle has the blue bartacks, it has been replaced and is ok to fly. If the reserve handle does not, then it must be replaced. Please see photos at right.

For any questions regarding the replacement of the handle, please contact your local OZONE Dealer or contact us directly.

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