Safety Notice

Ozone Enzo
23 February 2023

Enzo: Important Safety Notice

There is the possibility of a fault in the construction of the grey Dyneema line used on the EnZo risers for wings built during a certain time period. This is not a problem on all EnZos, but we are not sure which wings may be made with this fault so we are issuing this notice to cover all EnZos that could be affected. See pdf info sheet here.

This notice concerns all EnZos manufactured between November 1st, 2011, and March 26, 2012. The serial numbers of the affected wings end with:

  • -M-48x-xxx
  • -M-49x-xxx
  • -M-50x-xxx
  • -M-51x-xxx

and for those manufactured in 2012, from: -N-01A-xxx to -N-12A-xxx

We will be shipping replacement Dyneema lines immediately. They can be fitted without having to do any sewing. Due to the possibility of this manufacturing error, you must NOT fly your Enzo until the potentially faulty riser parts have been replaced.

The potentially affected parts are the two grey-coloured Dyneema lines attached to the risers, one connects to the main A and B risers and the other joins this to make up the rest of the outer A riser. It has been found on some risers that the splices of these lines are too short.

Contact your OZONE dealer who will issue you a Replacement Riser Line Kit that must be correctly installed before further use of your EnZo. We are very sorry for this and hope to have the replacement lines to all EnZo pilots very soon.