Safety Notice

Karpofly Xalps 3 and 4 (harness)
14 December 2022
Date 02.12.2022
Subject Paraglider harnesses Karpofly Xalps 3 and 4 Sample test number: PH 045.2013 (Number was assigned by the test center for the model Xalps 3)
On a Karpofly Xalps 4 harness (unit test 2018), the seam on the seat surface with which the length adjustment of the Get Up leg straps was fixed had opened in flight. Due to the omission of this fixation, the leg straps pulled open over their entire length under load. This led to the student pilot sinking so deeply into the much too long leg straps after takeoff that the control lines were pulled strongly and there was a risk of a stall.The student pilot had to let go of the control lines completely and steer the paraglider by shifting his weight. He was finally able to pull himself onto the seat board with a pull-up and safely complete the flight. Basically, there is a risk of suspension trauma when hanging in the leg straps for a longer period of time.

Pilots who use these harnesses (Karpofly Xalps 3 and Xalps 4) are requested to check the affected seam. In the event of damage, the seam must be professionally repaired. This safety measure must be carried out before the next flight.