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Membership Renewal
6 October 2022

It is that time of year again when we start the renewal process for membership of the 2022-2023 year.
This process will kick off from the 17th October 2022 and to continue flying you must renew by 1st November 2022.

  • This year the NZHGPA National Fee is $240 plus your club fee. So if you belong to the magic Canterbury club – your fee will be $240+$25 = $265
  • There is no early bird discount this year – so please do not pay less than the required amount – your membership will not be renewed unless it is paid in full.
  • Please take the time during the process to fully check your postal address – please test it in the NZ Post Address Checker, and enter it into your profile the same format
  • Check your Airborn Magazine Delivery – NZ, Overseas or None
  • Please enter your hours count for your ratings, example – PG2 – 23.5  Do NOT used anything except numbers and a decimal point – do do not put in 50+ – it is a CAA requirement to keep a log book so you should know how many hours you have actually flown.
  • The preferred method of paying is using PayPal – you don”t have to join PayPal to use it once. If you use PayPal your membership is automatically renewed, if you use Online Banking, then we wait until the Bank Statement is reconciled before we renew your membership.
  • You do not get a new membership card for the year – its the same one every year unless you get a new rating.

FAI Sport License
If you wish to get a FAI Sports license to fly in the National Competition, you will need to get onto this straight away when renewals open. Due to the requirement for the PG Nationals to have one, you cannot be accepted in the list until they are processed. We have spoken with Liz from the FAI, and if we get the list to her before the 3nd November 2022, she will process them straight away. So your deadline to renew and apply for the FAI Sports license is 31st October 2022. If you miss this deadline, then you need to apply for the license manually through the FAI website at a higher cost.

You will receive an email when this is ready to go.
We wish you a safe and fantastic flying season.

Admin Team.