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PG competition rules for member review
5 August 2022

New Changes for member review 2022.

After incidents in recent competition and a general review of the current V23 Competition
Rules the following changes have been made.
The attached document shows the ‘tracked’ changes but is not fully formatted just yet.
The changes are:
Primarily in Section 2.4 about the requirement for a Safety Director to be on the ground for
all competitions at all times to co-ordinate and manage safety issues.
In Section 2.9 a change of the Launch validity calculation to now use 1 minute rather than
the lengthy, and limiting 2 minutes currently used. FAI uses 30 seconds!
A revision to the Awards in Section 4 to make allowance for Class awards if there is no PG
Included two new Sections: 7. ‘Acro’ and 8. ‘Hike & Fly’ in recognition of the new disciplines
but information is forthcoming, hence: ‘Reserved’.

That’s all.
Please review / comment to the PCC in accordance with the current Rules.
([email protected])

Dated: 4th August, 2022
Tim Brown