Safety Notice

BGD Snug harnesses
3 May 2022

Harness Snug manufactured February 2017

This safety notice applies to SNUG harnesses manufactured in February 2017, which use plastic wire to retain the rescue.

Harnesses which use stainless steel pins to retain the rescue are unaffected.

During recent parachute repacks with SNUG harnesses, we have found some cases where the force needed to pull the rescue handle may be too high. As stated on page 10 of the SNUG manual, a practice throw should be made each time you pack your rescue to check the correct functioning of the deployment system. If you have done this and the pull force is normal then there is no need for further action.

The ideal pull force should be approximately 7kg. A pull force in the range of 5-10kg is considered reasonable.

On some SNUG harnesses a pull force greater than 10kg is required because the black webbing of the rescue handle is too wide. It should not be wider than 70mm (see photo). If your harness has a plastic wire type reserve closure, please check this. If the rescue handle webbing is wider than 70mm please contact us and we will send you a replacement rescue handle free of charge.

Send an email to [email protected] stating the serial number, date of purchase and the dealer or shop that sold you the harness. Please include an address to send the replacement handle to.