Safety Notice

Woody Valley X-Rated 7 – reserve handle
28 March 2022

Paraglider harness X-Rated 7 EAPR-GZ-0541/16

Dear customer,

Unfortunately we have recorded a case of low-load breakage on one of our X-Rated7 rescue handles.

Test results on harnesses sold in 2016-2017-2018 show that the aging factor of the materials is not the cause, which we think might be the accidental sharp edge of one of the tallurit.

To prevent any other possible case of such breakage, we have decided to replace the plastic-wired rescue handles with the most recent steel-wired ones.

You can contact your local dealer or national distributor to get a free replacement handle.

While waiting to receive the replacement handles, here’s how you can make sure your plastic-wired rescue handle is safe. As shown in the picture, with your arms you can apply a pulling force on the handle, an average build in good health can applies a 30-50 kg force, which is more than enough to assess airworthiness.

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