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NZ Paragliding awards, 2022
10 March 2022

In accordance with a recent memo that, owing to the absence of a PG Open this year due to extenuating circumstances, it was decided that the NZ PG awards for 2022 would be decided according to the NZPRS rankings as at 1st March, 2022.

This year then the awards and trophies are:

 National Champion     Louis Tapper

 Womens Champion    Nina Harrap

(Although Jessica Green is the top ranked female, she is not eligible for the ‘award’ ‘cos she’s not a kiwi. We certainly acknowledge her performance)

Serial Class  Aaron Chesterman
  Sports Class Mal Haskins
Fun Class    Nina Harrap ( Jessica not eligible)

  Jill Borst: Blake Round

  Leo Geary: Jesse Dhue

Congratulations to all those pilots.