Safety Notice

X-Dream Fly rescue parachutes
30 June 2021

Manufacturer X-Dream Fly has published the following safety advisory


Dear X-dream Fly dealers & customers.


After an internal quality follow-up check, we detected on a full shipment a possible problem on one rescue container. The black loop for connecting the rescue handle was not correctly cut to length and therefore not sewn correctly in terms of strength. As a result, this black fabric loop can tear when subjected to tensile stress. This problem could only applies to the loop shown in the photo, which is located on the small triangular webbing, the other two are OK..

The container on the left is ok, the one on the right shows the defect (loop torn on one side) with increased pulling force

To check, pull a pen, a screwdriver or your finger through the loop and pull as hard as you can. The loop should hold 70 daN. If it s a faulty container the loop will tear immediately with not much force..

We kindly ask you to immediately check all rescues delivered by X-dream Fly from 01st January 2021 to 15th June 2021 or to inform the customer accordingly before the next flight. .

The serial number of the possibly affected devices always ends with… T (as sample G12K12934T).

If this problem occurs, please contact us immediately so that we can initiate an exchange of the container immediately..

We apologize for this inconvenience. Team X-dream Fly