Safety Notice

Gin Genie Lite 3 Rescue Deck
4 March 2021

Gin have issued a safety notice concerning the Genie Lite 3 rescue deck. Faulty zippers have been found on some units, which could make reserve extraction difficult.

Gin say that all owners of the rescue deck should perform an opening test. If the rescue can be extracted without difficulty, the rescue deck is safe to fly with.

If the rescue cannot be extracted easily, or you are unsure, the zippers should be visually inspected. The zipper boxes should be U-shaped, as in the first diagram below.

Gin Genie Lite 3 rescue deck zipper diagram from safety notice

Image one is how the zips should look. Images two and three show un-sanded and badly sanded zips. If yours looks like either of these, they can be rectified by sanding. Contact your Gin dealer for instructions.

Download the safety notice here.