IPPI Card Level 1 to 5


$40.00 – Member Price

The level shown on the IPPI card issued by the NZHGPA must follow the stages set out in the Safepro Delta ( for Hang Gliders) or Parapro ( for Paragliders) guide book as they relate to NZHGPA pilot certificates.

IPPI level 1 PG1. IPPI level 2 = HG Beg or PG2. IPPI level 3 = HG Nov or PG2 + ( 8 hrs). IPPI level 4 = HG Int or PG2 + ( 20 hrs). IPPI level 5 = HG Adv or PG3.

If you require an IPPI level that shows a + please send a scanned copy of your log book page showing the required hours to the administrator. You may be required to supply further evidence of your experience.

For detailed information about safepro ( for hang gliders) go to www.fai.org/page/safepro-delta-training or for paragliders parapro please go to www.fai.org/page/safe-pro-para-training .