Safety Notice

Advance Progress 3 and Easiness 2 harness reserve handles
15 June 2024

Advance has issued a safety notice requiring an emergency parachute handle check for PROGRESS 3 & EASINESS 2 harnesses.

This applies to PROGRESS 3 harnesses with a serial number less than 1147390 and EASINESS 2 harnesses with a serial number less than 1147140. The emergency parachute handle must be subjected to a simple check by the pilot immediately. The serial number of the harness can be found on the back of the logo label near the handle on the top of the backpack. If the test is not passed, the emergency parachute handle including the emergency parachute container must be replaced before the next flight. Replacements will be provided free of charge by ADVANCE.

The reason for the safety notice is an incident with a PROGRESS 3 harness. When the rescue device was deployed, the yellow pin cable was torn out of the harness’ emergency parachute handle and the rescue device could therefore not be deployed. Fortunately, the pilot was not injured in the incident. 

Initial internal investigations revealed that the attachment of the cable to the handle may have a defect that could be related to the processing method. Other harness models are not affected. Other PROGRESS 3 and EASINESS 2 harnesses (with serial numbers greater than the serial numbers mentioned) are also expressly not affected, as from July 2018 the deployment handle in question will be manufactured with a different material and different processing.

Since it cannot be ruled out with certainty that this is an isolated case, ADVANCE is initiating a precautionary recall of all emergency parachute handles including emergency parachute containers on the EASINESS 2 harnesses (serial number less than 1147140) and PROGRESS 3 (serial number less than 1147390) where the split pin cable cannot withstand a load of approx. 10-12 kg. Below we provide instructions on how to use a simple test to determine whether the emergency parachute handle can withstand this required force.

If the test is not passed and the emergency parachute handle is affected, a new handle including container can be ordered free of charge  at

We apologize to all affected PROGRESS 3/EASINESS 2 customers for the inconvenience caused by this safety notice. For over 30 years, reliable equipment and high-quality workmanship have been ADVANCE’s highest priority. We will continue to focus on the highest quality and its control and will continuously improve it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ADVANCE or your dealer directly.

See below for the instructions to check your handle:

Sicherheitsmitteilung_PROGRESS_3_EASINESS_2_DE_310524_shortwebv2 (1)

Full safety notice here